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The Art of Cake Pops

The wait is finally over! After months of hard work and hundreds of cake pops later, The Art of Cake Pops: 75 Dangerously Delicious Designs, is finally available for pre-order! Featuring 75 different cake pop designs for over 10 different party themes there is a pop for every occasion. You too can now master the art of cake pops at home and make them just like the pros.


The Art of Cake Pops covers everything you need to become a cake pop pro, including the different types of chocolates to use, how to use cookie cutters as molds, coloring chocolate, and when it’s best to use homemade or boxed cake. There are also sections about preventing or fixing common baking problems and mistakes like cake pops that crack, leaking oil, or streaking, with detailed photos to help you along the way. Filled with delicious recipes for cake flavors such as chocolate, banana, strawberry, and lemon, and seventy-five colorful and creative designs for silly frogs, cute babies, and vibrant butterflies.