The Cake Poppery

Dangerously Delicious

The Cake Poppery is a small business started by a young entrepreneur from Chicago, IL. Who, before starting The Cake Poppery attended culinary school to train to become a chef. Although he was trained in culinary arts, and never had any professional experience in baking, he has always had a passion for baking. It was his love for all things culinary and attention to detail, that blossomed into The Cake Poppery. After teaching himself many techniques over the years, he perfected the art of making cakepops. The Cake Poppery specializes in cake pops galore and more. Cake pops are decadent little cakes on a stick covered in a rich chocolate coating. They taste as good as they look and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. One taste is all it takes to see why we call them dangerously delicious. It's like heaven on a stick. Each cake pop is hand crafted and made to order, so you can expect a fresh delightful treat. They're the perfect addition to any party or get together. We do birthdays, weddings, baby showers, dinner parties, holidays, and more! Best of all, they're completely customizable and the perfect midnight snack. It's cake without the mess! So treat yourself to a little bit of heaven tonight...